Darren Armstrong is a Certified Sommelier and Cicerone® who is interested in exploring the traditions and healthfulness of wine and alcohol. StrongSomm is a place for Darren to apply the skills and knowledge he has gained while working as a Sommelier to the things that matter most to him; Health and Wellness, Community, Personal Growth and his adopted second home, Bolivia. Here he will share stories, encourage debate and challenge us to drink differently.

After living for several years in Bolivia, Darren became naturalized as a Bolivian citizen, and dedicates himself to helping educate about and promote Bolivian wine. Bolivia has a nearly 500 year tradition of winemaking and Darren wishes to help share this hidden gem with the world. Here on StrongSomm you will see articles about Bolivian wine that will help the general consumer and the wine professional understand the little known wine regions of Bolivia.