Tannat in Uruguay

Tannat was brought to Urugay in 1870, though winemakers there are still learning exactly how to tame this intense thick-skinned grape. This small and eccentric country has been working hard on creating a name for Tannat outside of France, and I am excited to see more and more wines arrive to our markets.

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From Waiter to Server

I changed my focus at work from waiting on people to serving them. Why was this change in vocabulary so important? The words that we use have power. When you say you are a waiter, you are giving up your power to the demands and desires to someone else, but when you are serving you are helping someone and being useful to them. This perspective shifted my attitude; I moved away from worrying so much about my wants and desires and focused my energy on fulfilling the wants and desires of others. I will not pretend like this shift was instantaneous and final, it took practice persistence, and awareness.

Photo Credit: Josh Chang, Pdxloration

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