I am...

I am not a pescatarian, but I eat a pescatarian diet.

I am not a liberal, but I resonate with some liberal ideas

I am not a dog person, but I do love dogs.

I am not a sommelier, but I have a certification

I am not sober, but I am taking a year off of drinking alcohol.

I spent a lot of my life defining myself. Assigning myself very simple definitions, thinking that it would help me to understand who I am. This made things complicated.

I called myself a Sommelier, but that’s just a job title. Then I quit that job, so what did I become?

I called myself a wine lover, and then I took a break from alcohol. Was I still me?

We get so fixed on these definitions; we convince ourselves that it is so important to label, to wear that nametag with that job title or that certification we hold. Then things change. Our focus shifts. Our passions change. Our relationships change. 

The harder we hold on to these titles, the harder they are to let go. I had defined myself as a sommelier, a wine lover, a wine educator, but when I decided to take a year off of drinking wine, what did that make me? 

I am still me. In fact, I feel more me than before, so what does that mean?

"I am" is a powerful statement, be very careful what you put after it.

I am confident.

I am strong.

I am intelligent.

I am patient.

I am dedicated.

I am generous.

I am creative.

I am respectful.

I am unlimited.

I am free.

I am beautiful.

I am loved.