Asking for What You Want

I never knew how to ask for what I wanted in life unless I was drunk. 

We are told, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly, that you shouldn’t ask for what you want. Sometimes they say it’s because you don’t deserve it. Sometimes they say you should renounce all desires, quoting some bible verse or religious text. They say, be simple, there is something righteous about being poor. 

There is nothing further from the truth. 

You deserve what you desire, so you better get good at asking for what you want. 

If you don’t ask, how can the universe know to give it to you? 

For most of my life I didn’t know how to ask for what I truly wanted.

When I was drunk I could tell someone I thought they were attractive.

After a few cocktails at a work party I could ask for a raise or promotion.

After smoking a lot of cannabis I could figure out that I wanted a better career or a different path.

Only when I removed my inhibitions with substances (pick one, I’ve probably taken it), I could express my true desires, but the rest of the time I hid them. I felt undeserving. I felt unworthy. I thought that by getting what I wanted I would be taking from others. 

There is unlimited abundance in this world, but you have to learn how to ask. Sort through all of the things, people, experiences, and pleasures of this world and figure out what you want. 

And then ask for it. Ask for it with confidence. Ask for it with a clear head and a heart full of love. 

Oh...and make sure you are ready to receive it, because you will!

As a wise person once said of winning the lottery: “if you win a million dollars one day, you better figure out real quick how to become a millionaire, otherwise you won’t hang onto that money for long”. 

Oh, and if you want to get ready to receive, Sober October is a great place to start. 31 days free of intoxication, drugs, etc. Clear the head, cleanse the body, allow yourself to listen to your heart, and align yourself with your true desires. You can have whatever you want, just ask and receive.